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All Polls in Just for Fun
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Which of the Seven Dwarfs' names best describes your boss while at work?2005/17/2012
Just for Fun
by blueharbor 
7:49 AM
who is the coolest person on the planet?2005/04/2011
Just for Fun
by joat_ochosiete 
6:50 PM
Did Eric take Jack3d today? If you don't know the answer, better spend a little more time with me!2101/17/2011
Just for Fun
by Darth Pollster 
2:21 AM
is mickey mouse a cat or a dog?2006/19/2010
Just for Fun
by joat_ochosiete 
8:05 AM
Which foot do you put your socks on first?7004/22/2010
Just for Fun
by Darth Pollster 
6:56 PM
What type of keg should be at my Halloween party?13010/06/2009
Just for Fun
by Russ 
7:12 PM
Who is your favorite Disney character?2103/12/2009
Just for Fun
by Darth Pollster 
3:29 AM
How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?6012/12/2008
Just for Fun
by admin 
8:54 PM
How many ejungle's does it take to screw in a lightbulb1011/12/2008
Just for Fun
by cfonzy 
7:47 PM
If you were a super hero, what special powers would you have?25308/16/2011
Just for Fun
by volao 
5:44 AM
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