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All Polls in Food & Drinks
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Which one is normally your heaviest meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner?1002/01/2012
Food & Drinks
by Darth Pollster 
8:28 AM
Are you lactose intolerant?1001/03/2012
Food & Drinks
by Darth Pollster 
10:57 AM
Do you prefer CREAMY or CRUNCHY peanut butter?85009/22/2010
Food & Drinks
by cfonzy 
1:53 AM
What's your favorite kind of food?5108/16/2011
Food & Drinks
by volao 
5:20 PM
If you had a meal at 2 a.m. do you consider that an extremely late dinner or an early breakfast?3004/22/2010
Food & Drinks
by volao 
9:20 PM
When you eat at a fast-food burger place (such as McD's, Carl's Jr, etc), how often do you order a burger-fries-soda combo?6012/23/2008
Food & Drinks
by blueharbor 
2:03 AM
Which do you prefer: Coke or Pepsi?24104/22/2010
Food & Drinks
by volao 
8:21 AM
What is your Favorite dessert?11201/22/2009
Food & Drinks
by tt1974 
2:15 AM
Which fast food restaurant has the best French Fries?41009/17/2008
Food & Drinks
by Darth Pollster 
10:05 PM
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